Kensington Palace, 31 August 2017

Diana, Princess of Wales, will never be forgotten. Hundreds of people made their way to the gates of Diana’s royal home, Kensington Palace, to leave tributes and flowers, marking the 20th anniversary of the Paris car crash that claimed the life of Diana, her companion Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul in the early hours of 31 August 1997.

A series of TV documentaries have focused national attention on this anniversary, but this has become an annual ritual for many who treasure the memory of the Princess of Wales. Friendships have been formed over the years, strangers brought together by the memory of a princess who captured the nation’s hearts.

Princess Diana also touched hearts across the world and the world’s media came in force to report the laying of tributes and speak to those making this annual pilgrimage.

Diana lived at Kensington Palace for fifteen years. She admired the changing floral displays in the garden and would often stop to talk to the gardeners. To mark twenty years since her tragic death, the Kensington Palace garden team have created a White Garden in the palace’s Sunken Garden. The planting chosen is simple, joyful and elegant, with white roses, lilies, gladioli and cosmos flowers, creating a reflective space.

Diana’s sons, William Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, visited the White Garden the previous evening before receiving floral tributes from the public and taking time to speak to those with special memories of their mother.

A statement from Kensington Palace said “The Duke and Prince Harry are grateful for the many flowers, letters and messages they have received about their mother. They wanted to say thank you to those who had made the journey to Kensington Palace.”

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