To those of us of a certain age, the memories of the small Glaswegian girl with big voice belting out Shout on Top Of The Pops seem just like yesterday. Remarkably, now in her sixth decade of performing, Lulu is back on the road with her biggest ever UK tour, 43 dates through October and November.


“Six decades is amazing!” she exclaims. “You know the weird thing is I have to ask ‘has it really been that long?’ They say time passes really fast when you are having fun and I could apply that to me. It’s happened without me even blinking because this is what I live for, I live for music.  It’s a blessing in my life.”

Lulu’s All About The Music tour follows sell out tours in 2015 and 2016 and there are now just a few limited tickets remaining for her visit to Buxton Opera House on Sunday 19th November.

This has been the most prolific period of touring in Lulu’s career, sparked by the release of her most critically acclaimed album-to-date, 2015’s self-penned Making Life Rhyme. The album is a great collection of songs from the heart, all delivered with Lulu’s powerful trademark rasping vocal. There is an energy on the album, which Lulu says also comes through on stage.

“I’ve only been with this band for around 4 years and that’s helped shake things up. They’re all younger than me, so there’s a young energy which I love. We keep it fresh and new and, the great thing is, these guys are influenced by the same music that I was – and still am – but they have a new slant.

“I guess I was blessed with a lot of energy and, I think, if you are healthy you have a lot of energy. It’s all about how you use your energy for the positive and, as you get older, it’s about pacing your energy.

“The show is a collection of my hits and a few, new, self-penned songs. I want to take my audience on a journey through memories – poignant, sad and happy. Ultimately you want them to have a good night out, so the goal is to get people up on their feet so they don’t have sore bums from sitting down!”

Lulu has also learned to look after her voice after she underwent throat surgery in the eighties. “I met Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas and he asked if I made it a habit to warm up my voice and if I did vocal exercises before a show, which I didn’t back then. Frank offered to teach me, but I never followed it up because I was too shy. And then, of course, I went off and hurt my voice.

“It was pretty scary but thank god it all turned out ok. So now, while on tour, I don’t speak for 12 hours after a show. This makes sure I’m in peak condition for the next show .With all the travelling and the talking that needs to be done, I’ve learnt to pace myself. Sometimes you have things happen to you in your life which shape you and, if you recover and learn from them, it’s not a bad experience. It’s actually a good experience, because you learn how to prevent it happening again and it gives you humility. Now I am religious about looking after it and, yes Frank, I eventually took your advice.


“I absolutely love playing live and it’s great to be out on the road again this autumn. My life has always been all about the music, so come and join me again, or for the first time. and let’s have a great night of music.”

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