Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, 9 October 2018

To celebrate 60 years of hit-making, Sir Cliff Richard took his fans on a trip through the decades of his career performing many of his best-loved songs and a few personal favourites that influenced him along the way.

The show began, naturally, in the 50s with Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel, Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly) and Wake Up Little Suzie (Everly Brothers). Looking genuinely moved by the reception, Cliff said:“These rock and roll giants led to this.” Donning the famous pink jacket Cliff rocked his way through Move It, his first hit from 1958.

It was great to see Sir Cliff back in the East Midlands on this anniversary tour, as he first appeared as ‘Cliff Richard’ in May 1958 just a few miles up the road at The Regal Ballroom in Ripley, Derbyshire. Sir Cliff’s popularity remains unwavered, the tour sold out within 2 hours of tickets going on sale.

After that first success (reaching number 2 in the charts) Cliff’s follow-up singles reached number 7, 10 and 20. “Can you see a trend?” he laughed. “Nowadays if an artist doesn’t reach number 1, they get dropped. My manager said not to worry, I kept searching for a great song and I found it!”: Living Doll the first of many number 1s.

Moving on, Cliff sang Love Me Do. “You can’t look back at the 60s without a mention of The Beatles,” he said. “The Shadows and I took this song with us when we went on our tour of South Africa. We thought it was a great track, but ‘they’ll never make it.’ What did I know! Anyway, I’m going to sing five of my number 1s from that decade,” he added with a mischievous grin.

Summer Holiday and The Next Time were followed by The Young Ones “dedicated to every person here under the age of 78!” Cliff was set to celebrate his 78th birthday the following week. Joined on stage by two members of his backing band, Cliff and his companions also included the famous ‘Shadows Walk’. After The Minute You’re Gone Cliff concluded the 60s section with a rousing audience sing-a-long of his 1968 Eurovision entry Congratulations.

Cliff included Mike Batt’s gorgeous love song Bright Eyes, from the film Watership Down, for his 70s review, before singing his own Miss You Nights, a song he described as ‘singing honey’. To round off his look at the 70s, and the first half of the show, Cliff performed Devil Woman, looking and sounding like a man only half his age.

The second half began in the 80s with Michael Jackson’s Beat It and The Best Of Me, Cliff’s one-hundredth single release. Cliff recalled having a very good English teacher at school, Jay Norris, who encouraged young ‘Harry’ to join the school’s drama group where he would be able sing during the performance of Wind In The Willows. He still remembers the song and sang a couple of lines, to the delight of the audience. However, when Elvis came along: “I fell in love with music. She said I needed to find a job where you got to smile at women, great advice!”

Cliff’s 80s set continued with the lovely Daddy’s Home and then he said he wanted to be the first to wish everyone A Happy Christmas! As he sang Mistletoe And Wine some of the audience must have been expecting this as several pieces of illuminated tinsel were waved aloft!

The Christmas theme continued into the 90s sequence with Millenium Prayer while From A Distance received a standing ovation. Cliff also recalled the privilege of performing with Phil Everly before releasing his own version of All I Have To Do Is Dream.

Coming right up to date Cliff sang some tracks from his latest album Rise Up including the new single Reborn, written by Chris Eaton who was in the audience. Now in a black sparkly jacket, Cliff then skipped his way through Chuck Berry’s Reelin’ And Rockin’, with the whole audience on their feet.

Cliff returned for an encore “The biggest hit I ever had,” he said: We Don’t Talk Anymore.

A memorable night for the sell-out audience of Cliff Richard fans. Congratulations, Sir Cliff, on your 60th anniversary.


Set List


Heartbreak Hotel

Peggy Sue

Wake Up Little Suzie

Move It

Living Doll



Love Me Do

Summer Holiday

The Next Time

The Young Ones

The Minute You’re Gone




Bright Eyes

Miss You Nights

Devil Woman



Beat It

The Best Of Me

Daddy’s Home

Mistletoe And Wine



From A Distance

The Millennium Prayer

All I Hve To Do Is Dream



The Miracle of Love

Rise Up



Reelin’ And Rockin’/My Kinda Life

We Don’t Talk Anymore